Nov 22nd to 29th

York Street Gallery, 22 York Street, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9DS

0796 8742822

Grove Ferry and Upstreet Station in 1959

I’m Steve Wyse artist and musician, originally from North London I now live in Ramsgate on the east Kent coast. I’m a graphic designer by trade who has created a wealth of print and internet material for companies as diverse as Pepsi, Disney and Sky BSB plus designs over 70 DVD and CD covers for artists both great and small.
In the 1970s I worked as a professional musician, and as any working musician will tell you, there’s more ‘hanging around’ than performing. With so much free-time, I needed something to occupy the empty hours. Painting was the perfect answer, and for 8½ years so it continued until the day when everything changed and I needed to find a proper job.
In the early 90s I briefly returned to painting, but it was not until ‘Lockdown’ in 2020 that the paints and brushes would once again see the light of day.
Nearly all the paintings shown on my website are from 2020 – 2023, and there’s more on the way…

Artists photo