The 20th Century Limited


NYC ’20th Century Limited’ leaving Chicago LaSalle station in the late 1930s.


New York Central Railroad J3a class, 4-6-4 ‘Dreyfuss Hudson’ is seen departing LaSalle Street Station, Chicago, Illinois with the Chicago to New York Grand Central ’20th Century Limited’ in the late 1930s.
The 20th Century Limited was an express passenger train on the New York Central Railroad that ran from 1902 to 1967. It was advertised as ‘The World’s Most Famous Train’.
The New York Central Railroad J3a class styling was created by industrial design pioneer Henry Dreyfuss.

Signed, individually printed giclee print on 180gsm high grade satin-gloss paper.

  • Image size: 430mm x 350mm
  • Overall size: 500mm x 400mm
The 20th Century Limited


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